Jasmine UrbáneK

iconic . Elevated . romantic

Heirloom PORTRaitS

Thousands of photographs will be taken at your wedding, yet many of them will remain unprinted. Your heirloom painting is an everlasting reminder of your once in a lifetime moment

Your romance becomes a

Distinguish your wedding with an heirloom portrait, making your wedding a true masterpiece.

Work of Art

In addition to Jasmines career as a hair and makeup artist, she is also a painter. She held a paintbrush before pencil and has always been heavily influenced by the arts. Jasmine won first place in art competitions every year throughout school, and has had her artwork displayed in colleges and technical institutes across the nation. Jasmine attended SCAD in 2014, which is where she learned to fine tune her technique and elevate her skill. 

Jasmines signature style is focused on infusing traditional and impressionistic techniques to create heirloom portraits by using her inspiration for movement. As any true artist knows, real art conjures emotion and deep thought, which is why she is not your traditional wedding artist. Her work has transformed through experience and learning how to pull emotion with the stroke of a brush.

Her mediums include oils, acrylic, and charcoal

Available to hire for Live Wedding Painting - Nationwide + Destination

Your Artist,


"This is an heirloom that will reside on a wall in your home for generations, Through each brushstroke, my goal is to bring your celebration to life while incorporating the natural movement of the love between you and yours. "


Artists that have shaped me

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."

- Leonardo da Vinci

"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection."

- Michelangelo 

"The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like

-  Vincent Van Gogh

"the aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."

- Aristotle

the unique experience

an authentic preservation of your wedding

Love has movement, and each couple has their own unique love dance (the way you interact and move with each other on a daily basis). I capture that movement in your portrait starting with our initial consultation. We will go over all of the details about your wedding that you have spent months preparing - so they may be perfectly preserved in your finished heirloom. And most importantly, we will dive into your love story, going over the little things that made you gravitate together and continue your love dance. 

The entire experience is exclusively tailored to your day and your love.
Includes but not limited to:

  • Canvas size
  • Medium 
  • Framing
  • Color scheme
  • Aesthetic
  • Your love story
  • Details

An Immersive Adventure

live wedding painting

Intentionally curated and planned, tailoring to your vision and aesthetic, all composed in a timeless painting that never goes out of style. You will receive a finished painting of your wedding in either oil paint or acrylic created with archival, museum-quality materials, ensuring an heirloom that will last for generations.

On the day of your wedding, I will arrive 2-3 hours early to set up my easel and paints to start working on the background of your ceremony. Once the ceremony is complete, I will then transport to your reception where I will finish up your painting. 

At the end of your wedding, I will take the painting home with me to add any finishing touches and completely dry. Then your masterpiece will be either mailed or hand delivered to you. 

Bespoke Artistry

commission a painting

Customized artwork that will fit your home perfectly, from traditional oils and acrylics to charcoal. Simply send a photograph/s of the moment you want preserved or created and we will have a consultation to discuss how best to realize your vision through your choice of:

  • Canvas/Paper size
  • Medium
  • Framing
  • Details

from a photograph

Everlasting Art

heirloom investment

Each painting is a unique adventure tailored to fit your vision, emphasize your design elements and fit perfectly in your home. Live wedding painting and commissioned art varies based on canvas size, medium, time frame of ceremony, framing and location. 

  • Live Wedding Painting starts at $700
  • Commissioned Art starts at $300

let's create your heirloom

A timeless keepsake that honors your sacred bond.

paint my wedding