Have you envisioned your wedding since you were a child, playing dress up and forcing your siblings to play along? Have you pictured yourself walking down the isle, finally locking eyes with the person you have chosen to be yours, and they are blown away by your undeniable beauty? Or dreamed of walking off with your soulmate into the sunset? If this sounds like you, and you have an eye for fashion, then we may be a good fit! I want all of our brides to feel unique and one-of-a-kind. As a seasoned cosmetologist, I have had the pleasure of working with all types of brides & weddings. I believe in keeping your getting ready process relaxing yet up-beat, and furthermore; developing beautiful friendships with all of my brides!

After becoming a client, you will have the option to receive a personalized monthly beauty regimen on prepping your hair and skin for wedding day. We chat once a month about anything you are trying to achieve or correct and develop a custom plan to fit your needs. I take an all-natural approach to all skin and hair concerns.


Family or friends are always welcome to attend your bridal preview In fact, I encourage it! Healthy input from someone you care about and who knows you well is very valuable, and can help with assurance on your desired look.

inspiration pictures

Show us pictures of your venue, accessories, veil, dress, colors, timeline, etc. This helps paint a visual picture of what your day should look like. It is good for me to know who you are on a regular basis as well as who you want to be on your wedding day.

Fine details

I use high quality professional products to ensure your hair/makeup will withstand hours of wear. My products have light and fresh smells to them so they don't become overbearing after doing 6 up-dos!
If you are allergic to anything or have any sensitivities please communicate this so I can make proper adjustments. If you prefer to use your own personal makeup/hair products, bring them. I understand that some people have certain allergies or skin conditions that prevent use of specific products.


yourself and others

On your wedding day you most importantly still need to feel like yourself, your comfortability and confidence is the most crucial element. You still want to look like yourself, just glammed up a bit. We want you to communicate with us about your desired look!


We generally schedule trial appointments 3 months to 3 weeks before you tie the knot. I also recommend using your trial to do a bridal/engagement session with your photographer. In this time frame before the wedding, your hair will most likely be the length you want it to be, which is a perfect time for a trial! If it isn't the length you want, ask about extensions so they can be ordered for you.

you're allowed to try more than 1 look

You should feel like yourself

I always recommend false lashes! They look so good in pictures, on every-single-person I have had the pleasure of styling. We offer individual lashes to our brides to create a customized look.


If you are wanting to try multiple hairstyles or makeup looks, we are here for it! Please keep in mind that there will be a charge for additional styles that are tried.


Pictures are a big deal for a wedding, which is why we use products that are designed for high definition flash photography.


Bring the items you will be wearing: hair piece, veil, and if you are using your own preferred lipstick, bring that as well. You should wash/blow-dry your hair the day before. This way it isn't too clean or dirty, and it holds better through styling. We also offer a Pre-Wedding Blow-Out where we come to you and blow-dry your hair.

Do not wipe your eyes! Dab the tissue in the corner before the tear falls to soak it up. If you are a crier please let us know so we can make proper precautionary measures. You will have makeup not only on your face, but on your neck and possibly your chest.

things to bring and keep in mind

keep tissues handy

Literally bring all of the styles you like for hair and makeup, this way we will be able to get a visual representation of what your are expecting!

Now you are prepared to take this on with confidence and a clear mind. We are here to get you ready to walk down the isle and proclaim your love in front of everyone, and you will look exquisite while doing it.