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I am a type A artist, blending with all classes of society to bring out your authentic beauty with masterfully curated detail.

jasmine Urbánek

hello lovely,

Do  you know that feeling when you look in the mirror after doing your hair and makeup and everything just feels right? You feel like an authentically powerful goddess stepping into her rightful place. That is the feeling I want for all of my clients. A finished look as unforgettable and unique as you. I form meaningful connections with all of my brides so that I can fully grasp the vision you have.

This is why I treat my services as so much more than just doing hair and makeup. The time with your hair and makeup artist is the start of your day. One of the integral parts of my service is to create a smooth, efficient and detailed getting ready experience for you and your bridal party, It is the day that you and your partner become one, a day that you have been envisioning since you were a small child, the beginning of your marriage! Your morning should be memorable in the best way

With over 12 years of refining my craft as a licensed cosmetologist, I now specialize in luxury, high fashion, and editorial events. My signature style is clean, soft, and dimensional with an editorial flair.


my favorite things

I love our planet, feeling connected to nature and the life it sustains. 
I always pick up trash and live by the rule, "Leave it better than you found it."


my favorite things

Old things have history, a story to tell, a true art in itself. My husband and I collect antique furniture and knick-knacks to fill our home.


my favorite things

Rabbits have always given me a nostalgic feeling, a feeling of a simpler time with more focus on the world around us.


my favorite things

I have a deep foundational love for culture. As a child, my original dream was to be a Cultural Anthropologist.
I still study culture and have a collection of world artifacts throughout my home.


my favorite things

As a person who is obsessed with detail, I am naturally gravitated toward accessories. I am a firm believer that outfits are not complete without a little something!


my favorite things

Originally from the Shenandoah Valley (pictured), I had a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge as a child, and it's where my heart stays. 

"These mountains, the arched back of the earth risen before you, withhold so many tales. When you hear the wind, you know it is calling for you."

My Family

my favorite things

These ragamuffins are my backbone, my voice of reason and zest for life. We spend a lot of time outside, visiting national/state parks, and always creating our own fun!

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Your wedding day is something to be honored. It is a time for celebration and love; a perfect reason to get "dressed to the nines". When you look your best, you will also feel your best.

Luxury is woven within the details. 12 years of experience and education with a high attention to detail allow me to bring an elevated touch that is so deserved on such a day.

I want you to exude confidence about your finished look, feeling like the bride you have envisioned, looking like a masterpiece.

Every bride deserves luxury

jasmine's Philosophy

because you deserve luxury.

work together

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”

- Leonardo da Vinci